It’s technically still summer, right? Apparently, the first day of Autumn isn’t until late September so we totally think we can pass off this tropical smoothie bowl as still being a really summery dish.

Smoothies are awesome – you can create so many amazing flavour combinations, and they are a great way of working towards your 5-a-day. The reason we particularly love this combination is that it makes us think of tropical holidays away in the warm sun, surrounded by palm trees chock full of fresh coconuts, and the deep blue sea. However, it can still brighten up a dull day wherever you are!

All you need is two juicy mangoes and two frozen bananas per bowl – that’s it. The juicier the mango the more moisture it will give when blending the two together. If you would like to add a bit more liquid then we would recommend fresh cold-pressed juice or coconut milk.

Feel free to go crazy and add even more tropical flavours – some chunks of pineapple would also add a lovely sweetness! Whizz up the ingredients and pour into a bowl. Top with chunks of our Almond & Cashew bar, and you will get an awesome protein kick that will keep you going throughout the day.


*If any of you are culinary geniuses or a pro in the kitchen we would love to hear about different recipes that can be created using our bars. Email us at – we don’t bite we promise!