Who has made a New Year’s resolution(s) for 2017? The Telegraph reckons that the top 5 most popular resolutions for 2017 have been to exercise more (38%), lose weight (33%), eat more healthily (32%), be more active (15%), and learn a new skill (15%).

Every year, millions of people around the world make New Year’s resolutions, and every year the vast majority of us end up breaking them. People cite a lack of commitment, loss of motivation, not having a set plan, not enough time, or having an unrealistic goal as reasons for not achieving their goal.

So we thought that we would brainstorm some ideas in the Primal Den to see how we can go about changing this!

  1. Have patience and set realistic goals. Ever heard of the saying ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’? There’s nothing worse than setting a goal (even if it is unrealistic) and failing to reach it. So instead of setting one large goal, set yourself smaller goals and targets throughout the year to keep yourself motivated and on track. This way you can continue to see the progression! If you are one of the 38% above who want to exercise more, why don’t you sign yourself up for a 10k run in summer or an obstacle course? Aim for two in the year that are a few months apart, and that way you keep training!
  2. Make your resolution part of your everyday routine. How many times do people say that they can’t find the time? Make your new goal a priority and work it into your schedule. No excuses!
  3. Don’t be upset if you ‘fail’. There is no such thing as failure; just remember that doing something is better than doing nothing. Just because your cheat day might have ended up with you surrounded by empty pizza boxes and sweet wrappers, doesn’t mean your diet is over. Just pick it back up the next day and move on. If you don’t have a full hour to exercise and you can only manage 20 minutes, that’s fine. Just remember that moderation is key.
  4. Pledge to do something completely new by the end of the year. This could be travelling to a new country, learning a foreign language or overcoming a personal fear. You could even go one step further and commit to doing something new every month (like taking up a new hobby, going to a party by yourself, or have a technology-free date night).
  5. Being healthy doesn’t mean going on some crazy diet. Try cutting out one thing at a time, like that naughty slice of cake or that extra glass of wine. Or try something new like Meat Free Monday! For exercise, you don’t necessarily need to rush and sign up for a gym membership. You can ease yourself in gradually for free by going for a short run or taking the stairs instead of the lift. Alternatively, try something new (like we recommended above!) and check out one of these fitness trends that are set to big in 2017!

Just remember that you’re not alone, many of us set ourselves goals for 2017. Instead of setting aims that reflect self-criticism (losing weight, reduce drinking), set targets that are about self-improvement. Let us know how you get on with your resolutions on social media, we are here to support you!