A great thing about our bars is that they don’t just have to be a snack bar, you can use them to make all different kinds of delicious things. We love it when people make recipes that incorporate our bars and this time we have found this delicious Hazelnut and Cherry tartlette which is incredible and so easy to make.

2 servings :

– 2 primal bars (ideally hazelnut and cocoa)

– 60 ml of hazelnut milk

– 2 cherries

– a hint of hazelnut chunks

– a hint of chocolate chips

Start by cutting one of the bars into small pieces and mix it in with the milk. Set aside in a small bowl and put it in the fridge.

Meanwhile, start to flatten the other bar and make two tartelette bases by raising the edges. This can be done on a surface or by using a small baking tin.

Take the bars and milk out of the fridge and spread it in the two tartelettes.

Decorate it with the chocolate chips, the hazelnut chunks and the cherries.

Don’t forget to tag us in any of your pictures, we would love to see what you make!