Is breakfast top of your list in the morning? Or do you prefer to hit snooze on your alarm, and spend the rest of the morning rushing through getting ready for work? Breakfast may be easy to put towards the bottom of your list in the morning but it is the most important meal of the day and the energy source that will keep you going. The clue is in the name ‘Breakfast’ – you are essentially ‘breaking the fast’ that took place whilst you were sleeping. You’ve gone anywhere between 7-10 hours without eating, so you need to refuel your body. Think of yourself as a car running on empty, you need to refill with petrol.

To convince you non-breakfast eaters, why breakfast is so important, here are our top 3 reasons why you should fill up your plate in the morning:


  • You start your day off with essential vitamins and minerals.

    Many breakfast foods are good sources of nutrients such as calcium, vitamin B, iron, protein and carbohydrates. Studies show that if these are missed at breakfast they are less likely to be compensated for later on in the day. It is easy to sneak in a portion of your 5-a-day as well, through a juice/smoothie or a piece of fruit.

  • You actually save on calories!

    Studies show that those who skip breakfast actually consume more calories later on in the day as they are more likely to reach for high sugar or high-fat foods. If you do want to reach for a mid-morning snack, then make sure it is real food that will keep you fuelled for longer (such as our Primal bars which contain 5 ingredients or less).

  • You change from being a grumpy person into an energised morning person!

    Our bodies need energy to function (in the form of glucose), with the primary energy source coming from carbohydrates. Think of it as your Duracell in the morning – the intake of carbohydrates restores the intake of glucose that is needed for the brain to function. Studies have shown that eating breakfast can improve memory and concentration, and improve mood and lower stress levels.

The NHS has summed it up beautifully for us as well

Eating breakfast has long term health benefits. It can reduce obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

Do we need to convince you anymore?