As a part of our activity for International Women’s Month we decided to support Ovarian Cancer Action with lots of goodies for their fundraising events. Kindly, Tom at Ovarian Cancer Action has written a guest blog for us, highlighting the importance of the work they do and how supporting them can help make a difference to the lives of thousands of women. You can read Tom’s blog here.

Hi, my name is Tom and I work for the charity Ovarian Cancer Action as the Challenge Events and Student Fundraising Co-ordinator. I manage all of our supporters who fundraise for us through an organised or personal challenge, whether that’s running, cycling, swimming or walking backwards up Snowdon!

I started fundraising through running and cycling events at university and I soon realised it was what I wanted to do as my career. That’s when I found Ovarian Cancer Action.

Ovarian cancer is the sixth most common cancer in women, taking another life every two hours in the UK alone. Symptoms of the disease (bloating, stomach pain, weeing more and struggling to eat) are vague and often confused with less serious conditions such as IBS. This means it is often diagnosed at a late stage when survival rates are poor.

At Ovarian Cancer Action our mission is to stop women dying of ovarian cancer. We want to empower women, to give them a voice, and to create a better future for the thousands of mother, partners, sisters, daughters and friends affected by this disease.

So what do we actually do? We primarily fund research that saves lives by attacking the problem at every level; from developing better treatments so women with the disease can live longer, to developing a screening tool to ensure it’s caught in its earliest stage. Screening programmes for cervical and bowel cancers have reduced cases significantly and we want to replicate that success.

We also raise awareness of ovarian cancer because without a screening programme, it’s crucial that everyone is educated about the disease and its symptoms so cases can be identified as early as possible.

Finally, we are committed to preventing hereditary ovarian cancer and we continue to campaign to ensure all women at high risk have access to genetic testing and information about how they can reduce their risk.

This year we have a team of 20 taking action and running the London Marathon to raise money to help fund our vital research. They have set a team target of £52,000 which is enough to fund one of our scientists for a year at the Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre in Hammersmith, London.

The Primal Pantry have been generous in donating some of their snacks to our supporters and we can’t wait to present it to them at the post-race reception after their 26.2 mile race!

Thank you very much for your support on behalf of everyone at the charity and from our runners, I know they will be extremely grateful.