2018. What a year for The Primal Pantry.

We nearly ran out of money before January was even out. We then got £3m of investment from a private equity business, NVM. Some people left. Some people joined. One of them is from New Zealand.

We put 10,000 bars on 10,000 Boris bikes in the early hours of a warm June morning and crossed our fingers that TFL wouldn’t find out.

We bought a new event stand, visited lots of shows and talked to lots of wonderful people. Some of them even bought our bars.

We got our products distributed with new customers, with a few more telling us to come back in 2019. Don’t worry Mr Retailer, we will.

We sponsored a man to cycle the length of the UK, and some others to row across the Atlantic in a tiny boat. We fuelled footballers attempting a world record for the longest football match ever played (they did it too).

The number of dogs in the office grew from 3 to 6. We welcomed a Primal baby into the world, with another due this side of Christmas.

We also hired an amazing marketing manager, who coincidentally happens to be writing this.

But as the year draws to a close, we’re putting the past behind us, and instead focusing on our plans for the New Year. We’ve been thinking up new recipes, writing quirky social media posts, chasing sales leads and imagining other creative ways to get our bars into as many people’s hands as possible.

So, what to look forward to?

Our brand

We’ve tweaked our packaging and our branding. Some of you may have already noticed our new tagline – “Real Food, Untamed”. We think this perfectly encapsulates what The Primal Pantry is all about – honest, no bullsh*t simplicity with nothing to hide. You’ll be seeing much more of Untamed in the future as we roll out our exciting plans for 2019.

What’s your flavour?

Yes, it’s true. We’ll be launching some new products in 2019! A lucky few of you have already got to try them and have provided us with invaluable feedback, for which we thank you. We can’t reveal much more for now, but let’s just say that they will be hitting the shelves of a major British supermarket in the first weeks of January, and we’ll be sending out complimentary samples with all our webshop orders around the same time. Watch this space!

It’s show time!

We love exhibitions and shows. It’s a chance for us to meet our awesome customers – old and new – and get first-hand feedback on our products, our business and everything in between.

We hit the road a lot in 2018 and will be doing the same again in 2019. In fact, we’ve already signed up for 5 major shows, with a few more in the pipeline. So, if you’re planning a day out, come and see us at the following:

The London Bike Show

Virgin Marathon Expo


OM Yoga

Stylist Live

We’ll be on hand to answer your questions and will have some cracking deals on offer too!

Tickle your taste buds

Everyone loves a freebie, right? Well, we’re not scared to give our bars away for people to try. We firmly believe that once you’ve tried our delicious wares, you’ll be a fan for life!

We’re teaming up with lots of clubs, associations, influencers and others to put as many bars into as many hands as possible in 2019. Subscription boxes? Yep, we’ll be in them. Running, cycling, swimming or a combination of all three? See you at the finish line. Complimentary snack bar attached to your Boris Bike? Well, been there, done that, got the t-shirt; but never say never…

So that’s just a flavour of what to expect from The Primal Pantry team in 2019. As always, you can keep track of our various ramblings on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages; or at primalpantry.com.

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Thank you for all your support in 2018 and here’s to a bigger, better and more untamed 2019!