Here at The Primal Pantry, we’re all about simplicity and creating damn tasty snacks from delicious real food ingredients.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on our social media channels, you may have already spotted the launch of our NEW Lemon & Poppy Seed snack bar, (some say it tastes just like a lemon & poppy seed muffin!)

So, here’s the lowdown on our key ingredients and why these sunny snacks not only taste great but make you feel great too!


Lemons are one of the most versatile fruits around. Although the juicy yellow flesh is a little too sour to eat on its own, its citrus fragrance and tartness are great with many ingredients and dishes, from the sweet to the savoury. The bright yellow skin can be also be used when zested. A kitchen essential!


Lemons have been used for centuries due to their high levels of Vitamin C and have been highly regarded in the past for treating scurvy, a now rare condition that can develop through a lack of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

Vitamin C is often claimed to support the immune system; some studies have also found that whilst it does not prevent otherwise healthy people from catching a common cold, it may shorten the duration of symptoms!


Studies have linked drinking lemon water to many other health claims, including weight loss, improved digestion, improved skin and detoxification.

If you are someone who finds it difficult to drink water or doesn’t really like the taste, then try adding lemon to hot or cold water and see if that makes a difference. Lemon water is a lower-calorie and lower-sugar alternative to other soft drinks. Just slice a few segments and drop them into your drinks bottle for a refreshing beverage on the go!


There are two types of lemon oil used for food. The first is not actually a lemon oil; but rather an olive oil infused with lemons.

The second is a very strong lemon essence – stronger than lemon extract – which is cold-pressed from lemon rinds and mixed with a neutral oil. Being the sticklers for quality that we are when it comes to ingredients, our Primal bars, of course, contain the latter!


Poppy seeds are an oilseed obtained from the Poppy (Papaver somniferum). The seeds are used whole or ground into meal as an ingredient in many foods, particularly pastries and bread. They are also pressed to yield poppy seed oil. While you may regard poppy seeds as nothing more than decoration for your bagel or muffin; nutritionally these tiny black seeds prove that good things really do come in small packages!

Poppy seeds not only have a mild flavour that makes them a welcome addition to a variety of dishes, but they are also packed with nutrients. Loaded with dietary fibre – a type of carbohydrate found in plant-based foods – they also serve as a good source of calcium and copper, two essential minerals.

Calcium is renowned for its role in bone health, but it also helps your heart and nervous system function. Copper keeps your connective tissues strong, strengthens your bones and protects your DNA from damage.

Add more poppy seeds into your diet to boost your fibre and mineral intake!


Due to their small size, poppy seeds can be difficult to consume on their own as a snack. So, try adding a few spoonsful to your favourite hot or cold cereal. You can also blend them into a fruit smoothie or salad dressing.

So there you have it! Our new snack bar, which contains a delicious mix of dates, sunflower seeds, raisins, poppy seeds and lemon oil, all pressed together to make a damn tasty Lemon & Poppy Seed treat!


You heard us right! We are giving out free samples of our delicious new snack bar with every web shop order at throughout January and February; and if you really like them, they’ll be available initially in multipack boxes in larger Tesco stores!

So, what are you waiting for?

Ready, set, go!