Founded by Nutritionist Suzie Walker with some nuts and a blender

Suzie Walker, Founder and Chief Firestarter of The Primal Pantry, is on a mission to start a real-food revolution. With a background in the food industry and a qualified nutritionist, Suzie felt it was time for the packaged food industry to move over and make way for real honest food.

In late 2013, equipped with a blender, some nuts, and some coconut, Suzie made the magic happen. With lots of budding guinea pigs to hand, homemade bars were dished out and, needless to say, these simple treats were a major success!

The initial samples sparked a chain reaction, having finally found a production kitchen that would accept her scrupulous recipe criteria, she ran the first production trial. The bars went down a storm, and the rest has been history.

The Primal Den was open for business in February 2014, and from the 21,000 pre-orders sold within two weeks of launch, it was clear the public had great taste in food 😉

So what is this real food revolution that Suzie is so passionate about?

The award-winning Primal Pantry bars contain no added nasties or funky sounding names, just honest, simple ingredients that can be found in your own kitchen cupboard.

Whilst these delicious bars can be recreated in the comfort of your own home, The Primal Pantry understands the importance of making healthy snack alternatives ready to grab and go, and so they’ve done the hard work (and washing up) for the nation.

The end result? A wholesome fulfilling real-food product, available on shop shelves nationwide, with an ingredient list that can actually be pronounced.

Suzie and her team love to chat with fans of the brand so do feel free to get in touch (we won’t bite).  Please feel free to contact us, ask any questions or send us a cheeky GIF either via our website chat, email, or messenger channels.

Suzie is on a mission to challenge the packaged food industry by forging a #RealFoodRevolution!

“We should stop asking why real food is so expensive and instead question why processed food is so cheap” Suzie Walker.

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