Suzie is the Founder and Chief Fire-starter of The Primal Pantry, she is extremely passionate about real food, loves speaking to our consumers and developing new recipes.

Coconut & Macadamia


Dom is our Chief Hunter (heads up our UK and International sales team). He looks after our biggest customers. We will usually find him on the phone or out visiting the customers.

Mixed Berry Protein


A keen skiier, Jacob ensures that you can get the Primal Bars in many locations around the globe from BeNeLux to Scandinavia. "The Primal Pantry is the most rewarding and exciting company I have ever worked at, and I am proud to be part of the family."

Double Espresso Protein


Becky is a keen cyclist and heads up all our operations, making sure we produce enough Primal Bars to fulfil all the orders and ensuring all our customers and consumers are happy at all times. "Dogs & laughter & swearing & super strong coffee."

Apple & Pecan


Alan is our Finance Director, growth enabler and Excel warrior. After a long day sweating the accounting ratios and pivot tables, he’ll be watching baseball, documentaries about space, or surfing the web trying to add something ticky-tocky to his old watch collection. "What do I love about Primal? The people. You are in so many ways the finest team I've ever worked with."

Mixed Berry Protein


Carmen makes sure the bars go where they need to go! There’s no corner of the world she can’t fill with delicious real food! She’s a real CrossFit wizz! "Where else would you get good people, dogs, food and lots of swearing - The Primal Pantry."

Apple & Pecan


You'll find Nathan with a cup of coffee contemplating our next exciting marketing campaign. Outside of work he likes to walk his sausage dog, Richmond. He's also a kick boxer and speaks very good Spanish. "Dom used the word **** twice in my interview and I thought to myself "I'm going to like it here." I get to bring my dog, everyone makes me tea and it's a lovely bunch of people to work with."

Coconut & Macadamia


Ben (the office joker) gets the word out on a global scale. Thinking outside the box to showcase the bars you love. That is if he’s not rushing off to a gym class!

Hazelnut & Cocoa


Abbie does it all. When she’s not out working at events, you can find her managing our web-shop and all our social channels here at the Den. "It's so nice to come to work not knowing what dog is going to greet you, have people make you copious amounts of tea, but mainly to work with people who are so passionate about the brand."

Apple & Pecan


Cindy is a keen belly dancer and works to ensure that Primal bars end up in your belly by purchasing them from your favourite stockist. "The feeling of fur on my fingertips, profanity on my tongue and protein in my belly."

Cocoa Brownie Protein


Hannah is our professional chatter. Making sure every stockist knows where to buy the tastiest bars in town! "I love working for Primal because we are always one big happy family, best team for the best bars!"

Cocoa Orange Protein


Marguerite spreads the #realfoodrevolution across the pond. She adores seeing all of fans fantastic photos and comments!

Brazil Nut & Cherry

Ted, Lulu, Rio, Lana & Richmond

The primal dogs! Always on guard, the 5 Primal dogs welcome all our visitors and keep the team entertained with their doggy antics.

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